• Simone Godwin

Trouble Clothes: New Look

Same mission. New look for Trouble Clothes.

You may have noticed that we have a new logo and a new t-shirt design on the site. We wanted to take a moment to explain why we have a new look.

Why the Change?

The original "Trouble" design worked well for t-shirts, but wasn't conducive for a logo. We had issues with proportions and making the word "Clothes" readable on a smaller logo.

While we felt that the old logo had a playful tone, we wanted it to convey more. We feel like the new logo appeals to a larger audience and also communicates that we are trying to remove troubles that affect our youth.

Going Global

Trouble Clothes supports Hillside and Cross-Cultural Ministries, two organizations in Atlanta; but we also support Neighborly, who reaches those in need all over the world, not just in the United States. Founder, Simone Godwin, has a branding and web design company, Pixlrabbit, that is based in Atlanta. However, seeing the value of collaboration, Pixlrabbit teamed up with One Hundred Percent, a South African agency.

We wanted the new brand to be a global collaboration and wanted to partner with an experienced branding company outside of the United States for several reasons.

First, we wanted to take the brand to the next level and make it more appealing globally and we felt that bringing in a company based in Africa would help us with that. Second, we wanted partners with global experience to get involved and third, working with a company outside of our bubble also supported our model for scaling our reach (more on that later).

Now, with a Canadian corporate sponsor, Cethereum (founded by Amir Amiri) and a branding partner in South Africa - that felt more like expansion to us.

A Little More About One Hundred Percent

One Hundred Percent is based in South Africa and offers services centered around communications, design and branding, creative solutions, and strategy and planning. The company is run by the very talented Peter and Mandy Lumb, who were effortless to work with. They combined creative flair with critical insights, to create a realistic, cost-effective solution for us. Their experience and range of skills made them a versatile, strategic branding partner.

One Hundred Percent went above and beyond to give us exactly what we wanted. Many thanks to their team. You can check out more of their work online here.

Did we mention that they also helped design these gorgeous shirts!

The shirts for 2020 were started before things really took off for the coronavirus, but we felt like the shirts were ironically appropriate. In a time when we aren't supposed to be spreading much of anything, we can still come together, albeit virtually, and spread love and peace...and a little bit of trouble.

2020 Goals for Trouble Clothes

In addition to the new graphics, you may have also noticed the banner at the bottom of the website with a target financial goal of $10,000 for our second campaign. Why such a big number?

Here's why:

  1. Cross-Cultural Ministries recently had their rent raised $400 per month! In addition to the higher overhead, the kids they help are now out of school due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Most of these kids don't have internet at home to do their homework (let alone the right equipment).

  2. Hillside needs more tablets for their residents to be able to see their families over video calls for virtual visitation. They need gift cards for food to help support their foster families and last, but not least, they need the basics for their kids (socks, shoes, etc.)

  3. Neighborly is launching their new initiatives with a focus on adapting to help those in need due to COVID-19. We want to help their initiatives to care for the elderly affected by COVID-19, annihilate waterborne intestinal parasites, send disadvantaged kids to school, fight child trafficking, serve breakfast to homeless folks and more.

$10,000 only scratches the surface of their needs, but combine that with our regular donors and sponsors, I think we can make a big tree-sized dent.

And of course, there are more great organizations here in Atlanta.

You may have also noticed the Vote option at the bottom of the page. So, Trouble Clothes was never meant to be a one-city focused effort. The original vision was to have different shirts to raise resources for different cities' non-profits that helped that city's kids and teens in need. And since travel has been halted, we want people in these cities who can see the need to run that city's branch, so to speak. If you are interested in spearheading an effort outside of Atlanta, contact us!

So if you want your city's high-impact non-profits to become a Trouble Clothes partner, vote for your city!

Bottom line, we want to be able to sing the Flintstones Vitamins jingle all day long (Ten Million Strong and Growing . . .for those of you who forgot those great commercials back in the day).

Please share this message and connect with us!

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